Nicky Wallace

Fashion is seasonal, but style is forever.

Timeless elegance with traditional and avant-garde fabrics, refined details and meticulous quality, made in Italy by artisans working in a fair and sustainable trade. 

About my clothes

All my made-to-measure designs are carefully put together by small groups of Italian artisans using traditional techniques to the highest quality standards. My Pret-a-Porter (Ready-to-Wear) collections are also manufactured in Italy.

I know all my artisan families personally, having worked with them for many years. They are paid good rates for their work which helps make their industry fair and sustainable.

Like me, they work with passion, so I can bring you the best possible quality garment. 

"My design philosophy is the creation of timeless elegance with traditional and avant-garde fabrics,refined details and meticulous quality.

I seek to achieve the perfect combination of beauty and functionality in an attempt to bring to my clients a sense of feeling good and feeling beautiful"

Nicky Wallace

About Nicky Wallace

Nicky is a classic menswear designer.

Born and raised in Wexford, Nicky grew up surrounded by old school fine tailoring. As a child he spent many hours helping out the old tailors in his father’s workshop in the town, surrounded by fabrics and patterns. 

Due to his early introduction to the world of tailoring, Nicky developed a very unique understanding of the craft which has helped foster his own skills and a deep appreciation of belonging to a traditional industry which still has a special place even in today’s fast-paced and demanding society.

After winning a number of National awards during college in the UK and working with various Design Houses, Nicky developed his first collection in 1982.

Nicky designed not only the famous “Miami Vice” suits for Don Johnson and his partner, but also Johnny Logan’s iconic white suit he wore for his first Eurovision Song Contest win in 1980.

From those small-town beginnings, Nicky has tasted Hollywood, London, Paris, Milan and his original base, Dublin.

Based in the beautiful seaside town of St Malo in France for the last number of years, Nicky is moving his home and his business back to his native Wexford and basing his business in Ireland again.